doodle away

if I’m stressed out or burned out, the therapy is either drawing, making recipe cards, cooking, taking a walk, or sleep it out. sometimes the tiredness last for days. I can’t get may mood up and begin to wander if I’m slipping into depression. In those times I usually forced my self to do something. one of them was doodling. I’m not an urban sketcher so drawing cityscape isn’t my forte. I instead I drew from thoughts. if something crossed my mind and I remembered the shape, I drew it. it’s usually food or my daily stuffs, nothing important. ^^ it helps tho. sometimes the process can bring out new ideas. and forthat I’m happy and able to finish whatever things I’ve been postponing.

sepokat rants penuh-belummeja-berantakan  igive up 10-3-2014 tepar-bahagia-17032014  gado2-bar-concept oret2-140506 10042014Bahblender ongkel  marshmellow-bear-hugsambil-nyuci sketches-20150612mie-ayam  tempe-bacem make up artist tukang cuci   noise uncertainsketches-20150613

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