What did I do in 2014


I can say I’m totally lazy last year. I only produce 20 pages comic for an anthology, An 8 pages for an independently published comic booklet, 30 recipe cards, some illustration jobs, and lots of lazying around. I carry two project to 2015. two unfinished projects. one is still due until February 2015, one is a leftover job from 2013… Yes, I was lazy. And I’m hoping I WAS just being lazy. I’m going to try to work harder this year, going out more, planning more, and not giving any unnecessary attention to polical condition.

What can I say for 2014 as An Indonesian is: 2014 is a year full hope and a year full of hard decissions. It’s a year of heartbreaks and broken friendship, and sometimes broken idolship. Some of my friends even can’t be friends anymore just for the sh*t they’re spouting on social media. I chose to stay away from some of my respected “idol”/”mentor”, not because they chose another candidate, but for how they show their hatred. It sucks.

And don’t get me wrong, for some people who chose the same candidate as me, I even have to unfollow and block them. worshipping is for God or whatever higher entity you’re believe in not for a human leader.

What’s good about 2014: I went to some events. I’m able to met a lot of people. not as much as 2013, but enough. There was Popcon, Pakoban (Pasar Komik Bandung), Pasar Mainan Bandung, Baros International Animation Festival, Toys and Games Republic Bandung, some events held by a publisher and a few more.

I get to work on my Recipe card series. I can only drew for about 30 recipes, though. My target for 2014 was about 60 recipes. so my target for 2015 is still 60 recipes.

what I want to do in 2015….

hmmm… I want to publish more comics, indies or for publishers. make more recipe cards. take on more jobs maybe… yeah well, we’ll see… and oooh, vacation! I want a week long vacation to some where where I can relax and see new things and so on…

so what’s your plan for 2015?


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