water color and coffee water

hinggap-di-jendela di-balik-jeruji


it was late and I can’t get myself to fall asleep. I’m too sleepy to read but my conscious is still awake. I know it’s weird. so I grabbed my cold steep coffee jar in the sink, and used the coffee water to paint with watercolor. And there was me, on the bed, videos on the laptop, and I started to draw. it started as a doodle (the guy by the window) but then it turned serious. I added the outlines, added more contrast to it, and it ended like that (the top picture). and I’ was wie awake for two hours after finishing that.

tonight, I revised the way I colored the top picture and tried it once more. well, since I was really sleepy when I drew it so  want to try another shot. and I got the second picture, the girl behind bars. I tried to apply blue paint with the coffee water, and it turned good. just not really suitable with the outlines though. Next time I’ll make sure to use a 4B pencil to thickened the outlines.

nice experiments though. I enjoyed it. and the papers smelled really good ^^.


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