Art trade with two talented Indonesian comic artist


This is Pandu. a character from Jhosephine Tanuwidjaya’s comic series: Kentang. It is published in MAKKO You can read he whole Kentang series there. but you must register first. ^^

Richard and Karina

And there’s Richard and Karina. Two characters from Stephanie Soejono’s COmic for 24 Hour Comic Day 2012. You can read the complete story here: Stephani’s 24HCD 2012

and there’s the picture for the trade…

Jhosephine's drawing of Mr No.1

Mr. No.1. hahaha why I named him like that? I still don’t have his name yet. I want to use him in a story But I still can’t find the right name.^^

Stephani's drawing of Tyo and Haris

A drawing about my two characters for 24 HCD 2012. Tyo and Haris. A story about spies… Tyo the newbie agent and his mentor Haris… And noooo its’a not about the boom and the bang and all that angst… just an ordinary spy life. :)))

Oh I’m having a lot of fun… I’ll do it again sometims. NOw it’s time to go back to work ^^.

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