Fairy God Mother V.2.

This is a design for a series of fairytale twist.

In this series, we changed each character’s personality so it can make some twist in the original plot. Like a very spartan Fairy God Mother. Or maybe a playboy prince. I rebellious Snow white and so on… ^^

We came up with the idea while talking about a comic project for children. We chat and somehow we imagine if the Fairy God Mother is a spartan Fairy. She didn’t give Cinderella a gown and chariot. But instead she made her do her own gown and made her contact a local chariot renter and turn it into a luxurious one. The gown that was torn by her step sisters was actually a gown Cinderella bought with her savings while she almost gave up making the gown by her own hands. The FGM purposely put the gown outside so it would be visible by her cruel step mother. ^^ Mean, I know…


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