Komik: Hey, You!

Still ongoing. I’ll try to finish it immediately…

The story is about sari, a Pakistani descendant in Indonesia dealing with her bully friend who likes to mock about her mole and big nose. I was inspired by a scene in a school. There was a boy who mocked his Chinese descendant friend for having thin eyes and fair skin. This kind of thing usually ended up in a childish fight, but this time the mocked boy just said,” so what? I am a chinese descendant. And I have slit eyes, it’s obvious.” And the bully just went silent. It’s inspiring to see a child i this case a 10 years old boy) could stand up on his own and face a bully without mocking him back. And I want to picture that scene in a comic with a little twist ^^…

The picture below is a link to my smackjeeves account.

hope you’ll enjoy it.

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