next job

No, this comic is not my next job. This comic IS “Next Job”. It’s the title ^^.

This one is an experimental no balloons comic just like Kiriman. The story happened after the Kiriman plot. The girl in Kiriman had finished her job delivering a package to the person she met at the beginning of the Kiriman story. After receiving her payment she wanted to buy some sweets home. There was a store that she wanted to try, The Homamade Cakes shop. But she was surprised because when she entered the shop, the owner welcomed her with a very happy face. He thought that the girl was applying for a job. She refused, since she was already had a job and there’s another reason. That’s what the next pages have to explain. Urgh making it took a lot of energy.

Fortunately I have two future jobs that have the same theme. Both of them for children. I still work on the sketches for one of them and the other is still waiting for the author’s scripts. And somehow I have to quarantine myself from the outside world for one of the jobs. Hahaha It’s been too long since I made any progress.. ^^;

SO… let’s make some coffee and do the job… 🙂


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