sekejap mimpi

sekejap mimpi | 4 pages

Sekejap Mimpi

A comic work for children living with HIV…
will be launched at 26th of December 2009 (still in confirmation)
The idea is to make their dreams come true in the form of comic. The whole profit will be donated to an AIDS organization.

Story: Rony Amdhani & Bhima
Illustration: malya

I hope I’ll have the chance to do more comic works… (still working on my personal project)

It’s in Bahasa Indonesia… sorry

The story is about a child who misses his daddy. The father passed away when the child was smaller. The set is a dream world where the child could meet with his father. He told him about various things he had done in the real world. About taking a bus with his grandparents. And also his wish to take on the bus with him… in the end the child must go back to real world, guided by his grand-mother’s voice. to bad it’s only 4 pages… I’m itching to make it into a longer version.

I made the colors like this for readability purposes. It’s a comic book for all ages, including for children under 10. So I made it so it won’t look too full or too complicated.

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