not a kitten

I never have any experience in drawing BL scenes before. And now why am I drawing one? No it’s not a start of a new hobby. I’m drawing this for a friend’s comic book. She went international with a manga titled 9Lives in 2007. And now she wants to make a doujinshi from her own comic. I myself haven’t read the original 9Lives series itself. It’s not translated to Bahasa Indonesia and it’s expensive if it gets imported here. SO I just now a little a bout the characters and stories.

The reason why I drew this is because, the author, Bayou gave us some previews and synopsis for her coming doujinshi. The story is that the used to be dominant Adrian became overwhelmed by his partner-Conri’s growth. And it seems that the one Adrian thought as a kitten turned out to be a baby tiger :)). I just want to drew a scene where Adrian would come up with the thought. And of course in a casual way, because I’m too embarrassed to draw something sexy or lovey dovey ^^;.

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