another sketches

Spending my holiday sketching random things and trying to make some sketches for a few scenes. Still my original characters and there is one failed drawing. Yes, the curly guy. Bad body proportion :P.

above — The abs has too much muscle on it. Actually I want to make him looked leaner but firm and not too bulky. A fast and agile person not the strong looking guy.

below — An edited version of a sketch I made not so long a go (older version). They are all my original characters. A group of children trained as soldiers. One of them is the main character who later leave the group.

above — He was the leader of the child soldier team. A calm and unpredicted guy.  Unpredicted since I haven’t decide his role. so everything about him is still unclear. Even his name is not decided yet… I just call him One, the first character that was drawn.

below — The title for the sketch below is “The scar on my back”. The main character has a scar, the result of a scarification (some kind of a skin marking technique like tattooing) as a mark of her membership in the soldier group. She used to think that that mark was an achievement, but now she treated as if it was a curse.

below — Two sketches of two scenes. The first’s title is “How Dare You” and the second one is a comic like scene test page.


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