smiling nina

This character, nina, is one of my original characters. A friend commented that she always looks sad, it’s like her character is not full. My friend said that she wanted to see a another side of Nina. A smiling and laughing Nina. I tried several times an somehow, her expressions didn’t change much. She still have those sad eyes and bitter smile. Even if she’s laughing it would looked like she’s hiding a great sadness. How’s that possible? I do created her by imagining a person who lives through guilt and fear. A person so insecure, she’s always put her guard up everywhere she go, even in her sleep. But I never think that Nina would be this miserable. Sure even if she is insecure, she could smile a little wouldn’t she? A true genuine happy smile… I wish I could picture her like that one day…

What am I doing? babling about my own character?


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